Finding A Gay Friendly Doctor

One of the keys to having optimal health is to find a gay friendly doctor.

As noted in the video there are some key tips to finding a doctor that has a good understanding and care for their gay clients:

  • Ask your friends. Word of mouth of who is good and bad is one of the best places to start.
  • If your friends don’t currently have a doctor they are happy with your local sexual health service normally has a list of doctors they know are good with GLBTI clients.
  • If you are still stumped, check out your local gay press and see who is advertising… *Tip* Homophobes don’t buy advertising in gay papers!

If you are HIV positive and looking for a GP I recommend talking with your local HIV doctor. Again they are going to know the family doctors that are gay friendly.

Dr George Forgan-Smith is a gay friendly GP on Collins Street In Melbourne’s CBD.

I am working hard to make as extensive list as possible in the links below. If you have any doctors you’d like to recommend, please contact me to talk about inclusion.