A Quick guide to PrEP for HIV Prevention

A Quick guide to PrEP for HIV Prevention

This is a great video that shows you the basics of use of Truvada or PrEP to help prevent HIV infection.

Remember that PrEP is an important tool to helping reduce HIV within out community and it’s important if you feel you may be at risk of HIV infection to talk with your doctor to see if Truvada is a good choice for you.

Ideal candidates for PrEP include:

  • People in serodiscordant relationships: Ie One partner is HIV positive, the other is HIV negative.
  • People who find they are unable to reliably use condoms during sex
  • Person’s who have been diagnosed with any sexually transmitted infection in the past 6 months.

Before starting PrEP it’s vital your doctor has organised testing to make sure it’s safe for you to start. These tests include:

  • HIV and other STI testing
  • Kidney function
  • Checking for Hepatitis infection

If you are looking for a doctor in Melbourne who prescribes PrEP I’d be more than happy to talk you thought the process. I can be contacted here: Contact Dr George Forgan-Smith

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