NHS Blocks PrEP Funding in UK

NHS Blocks PrEP Funding in UK

It is sad news today to read via the BBC that the UK’s national health scheme, the NHS, has blocked the funding of HIV prevention drug Truvada also know as PrEP.

NHS England has reiterated it will not fund a “game-changer” drug treatment that can prevent HIV, angering HIV charities which had been campaigning to reverse the decision.

The NHS is standing firm and says it has no responsibility to provide the treatment, known as Prep…

Ian Green, chief executive of the Terrence Higgins Trust, said: “Today is a shameful day for HIV prevention.

“This country used to lead the way in the fight against the HIV epidemic, but today, our national health service has washed its hands of one of the most stunning breakthroughs we’ve seen – a pill which, if taken correctly, is almost 100% effective in preventing HIV. A pill which is already available in America, Canada, France, Kenya and soon to be Australia.

Thankfully for Australian’s PrEP has been approved for HIV prevention and there are a number of studies that are happening in Victoria, New South Wales as well as Queensland:

VIC: PrEPx Study
NSW: The EPIC Study
QLD: QPrEP Study

If you are outside these states or not eligable for the studies but still wish to learn more about HIV prevetion with Truvada you can learn more here:

For my friends in the UK, I urge you to keep the political pressure on. Help bring HIV prevention to all people of the UK that would benefit.

Dr George Forgan-Smith

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